Meet the CFO

Greg Halpern

GregGreg Halpern became an International Gold Medalist in the sport of Judo and an Author in the late 70’s and has spent more than three decades since as a pioneer of innovative emerging inventions and technology transfers which he has played the critical role in bringing from conceptualization to reality and commercialization. During his 33-year career, Halpern has provided savvy management, small business infrastructure, significant funding and substantial intellectual capital to bring important and timely life-changing technologies to market through all phases of the commercialization process.

In the 1980’s Halpern was featured in Omni Science and Venture Magazine among many other media features for pioneering Computer Animated Imaging and Electronic Anesthesia to which he received various patents and trademarks and also appeared on the Oprah show.

In the 1990’s Halpern developed early search engine algorithm software and successfully launched the first and only S.E.C. cleared end-to-end fund raising exclusively over the Internet, which was featured on the Jan Hopkins and Lou Dobbs show on CNN.

From 2000 to present Mr. Halpern was the Principal owner of CGI Capital an NASD Member 5k Broker Dealer, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Circle Group Holdings Inc. (AMEX: CXN) and Z-Trim Holdings Inc. (AMEX: ZTM) where he designed and built a totally green plant to produce a USDA food ingredient breakthrough and is the current Chairman and CFO of the high definition audio company Max Sound Corp. (OTCBB: MAXD). As a solution to digital piracy, Halpern also developed Fairplay, a DRM solution component of Veridisc, which was sold to Apple as a piece of their media ecosystem.

For his diverse efforts, Halpern and his innovations have been featured on most major television and radio networks and in many major daily, monthly and quarterly publications including books by celebrity professionals such as Dr. Oz. Many famous leaders in several industries have endorsed Halpern and his innovative ventures.

In the process of bringing his enterprises to market, Halpern has worked extensively with regulatory agencies such as the FDA, USDA, USPTO, DOE, DOD & SEC and he has a vast body of experience manufacturing traditional goods and technology as well as inventing and securing rights to all aspects of intellectual property. In addition to obtaining numerous trademarks and copyrights, Halpern is an assigned inventor on 31 patents that are issued or pending.

Halpern has testified before congress on small business issues in front of the Subcommittee On Oversight And Investigations Of The Committee On Financial Services Of The U.S. House Of Representatives. Former Congressional Leader Michael Oxley of the current regulatory framework known as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) endorsed Halpern’s congressional work that has sought to improve conditions for small business in America.

As a bi-partisan, Halpern has worked in many capacities in business and global initiatives with people such as Former VP Al Gore, Steve Forbes, General Wes Clark, George Foreman, Larry King, William Shatner, Stedman Graham and Mick Fleetwood among many others.