What is MAX-D?
MAX-D is to audio, what HD is to video
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What is MAX-D?

MAX-D is a proprietary audio process that restores lost compressed harmonics, and brings high definition (HD) sound to digital media. The MAX-D process can create HD Audio from a compressed audio source (MP3, AAC, etc.) while maintaining the original file size and format.

(MAX-D is HD Audio)

Before MAX-D HD Audio Process

  • Compressed
  • Audio Gets Muddy and Less Clear
  • Audio Quality is Diminished
MAX-D Enhances the Audio Waveform

After MAX-D HD Audio Process

  • Damaged and Compressed Audio Eliminated
  • Restores both Harmonic and Dynamic Range in Real-Time
  • Clarity and Dynamic Range Re-created and Enhanced

Anywhere Audio Can Go - So Can MAX-D...

MAX-D for nearly any device


MAX-D HD provides a safer listening environment in automobiles; drivers tend to turn up volumes to compensate for poor audio quality.


A MAX-D HD enhanced computer allows for better audio output, without ever increasing a file’s size.


MAX-D HD can transform any product into a premium sound device.


Calls so clear you won’t believe your talking on a mobile device!

Audio Entertainment

Whether you’re downloading or streaming, MAX-D HD provides the listener with an auditory experience in the way the artist intended it to be heard.

Visual Entertainment

Sight is only half the entertainment experience. Audio is the other half. With MAX-D HD viewers will be transported into the heart of the action.

Voice Recognition

Alleviate voice recognition errors when communicating to your car.

Download The MAX-D HD Audio App

It's time to Harness the Power of MAX-D HD AUDIO. Welcome to the only High Definition application your device will ever need! This app was designed by one the worlds top audio engineers and sound-designers. MAX-D HD Audio resynthesizes audio that was lost during the compression process. So download your own MAX-D HD Audio app, and experience your audio the way it was meant to be heard - IN PURE HD!!!

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MAX-D HD Audio App